Oct 18, 2010

Gerard Way and his new red hair.

My Chemical Romance is releasing a new album next month, and now that we can see the full video of their first single, we find a Gerard Way completely redhead! I really like how this color suits him, don't you like it too?

 Danger Days: The true lives of the fabulous killjoys is the new album that's gonna be released next month (on November 22). The first single, Na na na, show us the introduction of the Killjoys' story; a group of heroes that live in a future world a little bit like Mad Max... so funny and unexpected!


This is one of the funniest things about MCR, that they can be serious and hilarius at the same time.

But coming back to Gerard Way, he's not only the main singer of MCR. He also is the creator of the great comic book The Umbrella Academy; something that, if you like comics and different stories, you MUST read!

Since 2007, Gerard is married with LinZ from Mindless Self Indulgence and they have a lovely daughter. Aren't they a cute couple?

And here you can see the video of Na na na!

Enjoy it!



Laia said...

LOOOOOOL no es más red porqué no existe una tonalidad con más pigmento que sino XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Armand said...

Rojo radiactivo fosforito x_x

bubble said...

This is tricky.. I don't like MCR (they only have one semi good song, Cancer) or Gerard Way. The red hair looks very good on the video but not in the pics.. Plus I think it reminds me a bit too much of Jared Leto somehow. Whom I prefer over Gerard any time. But, I mean, overall the look good be much worse!

p.s. I just dyed my hair red at the hairdresser's on monday, for the first time of my life ;) Love it!

sandra said...

Hi, cool blog! ! :D

Hreathemus said...

Check out Simone Simons, a Dutch vocalist. A gorgeous redhead and an amazing voice!


Anonymous said...

I'm a redhead, too ;P

BTW, like your text <3 I love Gerard & MCR so much, the new single is great ^^

Anonymous said...

I hate his new hair he was soo much cuter when he had "white/blonde" hair!!! DDD:

but the songs is still fucking awesome! :)D <3

Anonymous said...

i love gerard ways red hair i was born with the same color its a little wierd when i show my baby pic like when i was two my friends asked me why did i die my hair so young

Leonardo Caraveo Vertty said...

hiiii i love his hair and Rihannas hair too... I have red hair too :) Find me in facebook

Leonardo Caraveo Vertty said...

love him! i hvae red hair too :) find me in facebook hehehe