Nov 5, 2010

Patrick Wolf: redheads and violins.

Hi there and welcome back, redheads fans! Sorry for the lack of post during the past weeks, but unfortunately I've been so busy with some work!

Anyway, here we come again with another redhead musician, Patrick Wolf. Well, he's redhead from time to time, but  I must admit that this color fits him at all, and he looks so cute with it!

I'm a big fan of Patrick and his great music and voice. His style is so particular, and makes it so special.


A new song has been recently released in Patrick's official Youtube channel. Here you've got it... I think it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listen.

Ifg you want to know and listen more about Patrick Wolf, visit his official site!

So, that's all for today, redhead lovers; we're back again around here!


J said...

solo puedo decir: suspiritos de adolescente que escribe en su diario lo mucho que le gusta un chico :)
se debería llamar Patrick Love ayyyy <3

Ruzu said...

No puedo creer que este cara de bebe tenga esa voz ejejejee; la música si me pareció agradable, buen ritmo :)
en cuanto a estilo, mmm no se en hombres no mucho me agrada, pero que bien que es diferente


bubble said...

Oh my goooooood, you just made this blog rocket sky high!! I mean, I really liked this before but I ADORE Patrick Wolf and have been listening to the new single a couple of days now. He's just so.. hot and talented and everything. Woah.

Annebeth said...

I wish I was a redhead :( I have a huge thing for natural redheaded boys. Josh Homme, Paul Bettany (sometimes redheaded), Seth Green, love em all!