Sep 29, 2010

Redhead of the week: Emily Dahl, from See Emily Play.

Emily is one of the loveliest and cutest redheads of the net. She's a freelance photographer, and lives in Stockholm with her cute boyfriend, but she dreams to move into NY one of these days with him.

At her blog, See Emily Play, you can read about her daily life and see some of ther gorgeous pictures; I really believe that Emily , in the future, would be an excellent fashion photographer, because she's so talented.

And I love Emily's style, isn't she cute? She always look so romantic and with a little touch of retro inspiration!

Did you know about emily? If not, visit her blog and leave her some love, because she deserves it! Of course, all the pictures belongs to Emily Dahl and has been taken from her blog with her permission!

And congratulations for being our second Redhead of the week!!

PS: I've been with some internet troubles, sorry for the lack of posts these days! Next week I'll have my own internet connection at last, so the blog will roll without problems ;)

Sep 23, 2010

Trev (Danielle Watson) from This is England & This is England '86

Danielle Watson is a young actress who perfoms Trev in the film This is England and the tv show This is England '86.

At This is England, Trev was a blondie skingirl that didn't say much during all the film, but in that time she catched up my eye for a strange reason.

In the Channel 4 serie, This is England '86 (directed by Shane Meadows too), Trev is still with the gang of friends, and at the begining, she looks like another helper character, but everything changes in episode 3; I'm not telling you more because I want you to see the serie, wich is awesome!

The funny thing is that in the tv show, Trev is a redhead with a huge haircut that I love, so inspired on the original skingirls chelsey style!

I prefer her in redhead than in blonde, but she looks cute anyway, isn't she?

So, I hardly recomend you this serie; it ends next week and for those who doesn't speak a very good english I'm sorry to say that there are no subtitles by the moment... but I'm working on it :)!

Enjoy our redhead of the day; and remember: if you want to read about a redhead or you're a redhead or you know a redhead who would love being featured here, contact me!!

Thank you!


Sep 21, 2010

Muses: Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine)

It is well know by everybody that I LOVE Florence. I adore her voice, her streght, her songs... I adore everything about her.

The first time I listened to Florence was about 3 years ago, before her debut album. I had some demos and I was simply fascinated by her art, with those gorgeous lyrics and poweful but simply messages.

And the dream came true when I saw her last winter here at Barcelona... one of the most gorgeous concerts I've ever seen in my whole life (and I've been in LOTS of concerts!)

Florence + The Machine  13·04·2010
Florence + The Machine  13·04·2010

So nowadays, I can say that Florence is one of my favourite redheads!


Sep 20, 2010

Redhead of the week: Emma Åvall, from Requiem pour un Con.

Hi, and welcome to our Monday entry!

We ♥ Redheads wants to give something like an "award" once a week to one redhead of the blogger's world; and this week the "Redhead of the week Award" goes to one of the newest redheads around here, the lovely Emma from Requiem pour un con!

Last week Emma dyed her hair into red again (she had it redish some years ago, in her punkish days) and thanks to this, she gave me the great idea of starting this blog, as I was joking about creating something for the redheads into the bloggers' world... and yes, finally, I created this blog, so I must say THANK YOU to Emma for this inspiration!

There are lots of things I could say about Emma, but I think it's better if she speaks about it by herself. If you click here you can read an interview I made to her some months ago for Not Here to Please You and my final coolhunting project.

Emma has been redish, blondie and dark hair; but she also had some pink on her hair too... but it's curious, at the end, we always come back into red!

Congratulations to our first Redhead of the Week!!

And as you can see, the look of the blog has changed a little bit; I've added some buttons under the new header, and there you can find some information about me, the blog, the Redhead of the Week and some banners and buttons, if you want to support this little project.

Thank you so much in advance, and see you on the next entry!


Sep 19, 2010

Muses: Karen Elson

Welcome to our first entry on We ♥ Redheads!

The first entry is about one of the most lovely models I've ever seen: Karen Elson.

(From Wikipedia)

Karen Elson (born 14 January 1979 in Oldham, Greater Manchester, England) is a British model, singer/songwriter and guitarist.

As a child, Elson attended North Chadderton School in Chadderton with her twin sister, film maker Kate Elson. She began working as a model as a teenager.

I really love Karen's music (she's got a soft voice and a very intimate sound, really boheme) and of course, Karen's hair; it's so great!In my opinion, she's one of the most beautiful models nowadays.

Do you like Karen? What's your opinion about her music?


PS: Remember, if you're a redhead, know some redheads or there is a redhead that you want to see around here, please, contact me! Thank you!

Sep 18, 2010

Welcome to We ♥ Redheads, sailor!

Ahoy, sailor!
And welcome to this sweet adventure I've decided to create here, We ♥ Redheads, a place dedicated to all those redheads around the world (, natural, dyed, famous or not) and to all the lovers of these redheads.

Since I was a child, I was obsessed with redheads, specially wit Pippi Langstrumpf, one of my top redheads.

So you can imgine than, when I grew up, I dyed my natural blonde hair into a redhead one, just because it's a color that I love.

Some of you may know me from Not Here to Please You blog, and after more than a year blogging, I've decided to start this funny little place dedicated to my favourite hair color.

So, welcome on board, and follow me discovering wonderful girls & boys with this special hair color. Pictures and suggestions are welcome, and it doesn't matter if the person is a natural redhead or a dyed one, the important point is the color of his/her hair.
Feel free to send me anything!

And remember... Pippi, this is for you!