Sep 18, 2010

Welcome to We ♥ Redheads, sailor!

Ahoy, sailor!
And welcome to this sweet adventure I've decided to create here, We ♥ Redheads, a place dedicated to all those redheads around the world (, natural, dyed, famous or not) and to all the lovers of these redheads.

Since I was a child, I was obsessed with redheads, specially wit Pippi Langstrumpf, one of my top redheads.

So you can imgine than, when I grew up, I dyed my natural blonde hair into a redhead one, just because it's a color that I love.

Some of you may know me from Not Here to Please You blog, and after more than a year blogging, I've decided to start this funny little place dedicated to my favourite hair color.

So, welcome on board, and follow me discovering wonderful girls & boys with this special hair color. Pictures and suggestions are welcome, and it doesn't matter if the person is a natural redhead or a dyed one, the important point is the color of his/her hair.
Feel free to send me anything!

And remember... Pippi, this is for you!



J said...

Ya me he enamorado rematadamente de este blog, adoro a Pipi, aunque la niña pelirroja de mi infancia es sin duda Anne Shirley *-*

Ruzu said...

jajaaj que interesante idea! yo me comencé a enamorar del rojo hace un par de años, la verdad soy como newie XD!! te voy a seguir
mmm no soy fan de ella, pero si recuerdo este nombre y sus trenzas

Saludos guapa

Tonje said...

I think this is the best idea of a blog! =D I just found it via Elsa's blog. I just dyed my hair red, and I simply love it! Thank you for making such a great blog, one that now is on my favorite list! =)

Selina said...

I love Pippi Longstocking!