Sep 21, 2010

Muses: Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine)

It is well know by everybody that I LOVE Florence. I adore her voice, her streght, her songs... I adore everything about her.

The first time I listened to Florence was about 3 years ago, before her debut album. I had some demos and I was simply fascinated by her art, with those gorgeous lyrics and poweful but simply messages.

And the dream came true when I saw her last winter here at Barcelona... one of the most gorgeous concerts I've ever seen in my whole life (and I've been in LOTS of concerts!)

Florence + The Machine  13·04·2010
Florence + The Machine  13·04·2010

So nowadays, I can say that Florence is one of my favourite redheads!



Ruzu said...

Ay ella va en mi lista :) , recuerdo que la conoci por medio una web que me pasó una amiga, y luego en tu blog ejejeje, la verdad acá apenas se conoce en USA, y casi nadie sabe quien es, por mi mejor XD


kajsa said...

She is my favourite red head at the moment for sure!

Cuatrojos said...

estoy enamorada de esta mujer.Y me encanta tu blog!Lo veo super original!jaja